(WTAJ) — If you’ve ever gotten in an argument with your friend over who gets to control the music, Spotify may have a solution for you with Spotify Blend, a feature alongside the company’s new “Only You” feature.

Spotify Blend is currently in Beta mode. It’s a playlist that will merge the favorites of two different Spotify profiles. The best part: it’s updated daily, so there will always be something different in the queue.


To get started, head to the “Only You” section on Spotify and hit “Create Blend.” Once you’re there, you can send a link to a friend through text messages, email or social media. When they accept, Spotify generates a custom playlist. Some of the songs will be tracks that both you and your friend enjoy, while others showcase your individual tastes. You can see which friend influenced the playlist by checking for your icons on the right-hand side of the song list.

A look at a Spotify Blend playlist. These playlists will change daily.


Spotify’s Only You campaign was launched to showcase that “nobody listens quite like you” with personalized playlists. This has similar features to Spotify Wrapped, where users get to view their listening habits for the entire year.

“While you’ll have to wait a few more months for Wrapped and the songs and podcasts that soundtracked your 2021, Only You is all about celebrating how you listen,” Spotify said.

For astrology lovers, the audio birth chart feature connects your chart to your favorite artists. Your Sun sign will be the artist you listened to most over the past six months while your Moon sign “demonstrates an artist you listen to that best shows your emotional or vulnerable side.” In the audio birth chart, the Rising sign will feature artists listeners have recently connected with.

Other features within Only You include curated mixes for your dream dinner party, where listeners have to select three guests from a list of their top artists. Staying in the realm of focusing on artists, the artist pairs feature will highlight a listener’s range. In this case, who else would play Maggie Rogers right after listening to Eminem?

A look at the “Your Artists Pairs” feature within the Only You section on Spotify.

As you continue through the Only You feature, you can learn more about what decades you listen to the most, what genres you listen to at certain points in the day and what genres set your music taste apart from the rest. At the end of it all, you’ll have multiple playlists personalized to your taste.

Right now, the feature is only available on mobile for iOS and Android users that have a Spotify Free or Premium plan. Spotify said they will continue to evolve the feature over time based on user feedback.

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