SUFFOLK COUNTY, N.Y. (WPIX) – A series of cookie crimes is unfolding in New York, according to Long Island residents who told investigators they paid for Girl Scout cookies they never received.

Victims say the “Girl Scout” arrived at their door with a man who appeared to be her father, trying to sell cookies.

“She said, ‘Could you please buy cookies from me? Please?'” said Suffolk County resident Maria Feinman, recalling her run-in with the girl. “We bought two boxes of cookies and we never got them.”

Numerous victims came forward with similar stories of being swindled. Many of the victims described the smaller suspect in the same way, Feinman claims.

“Everyone she spoke to used the word ‘adorable,'” Feinman said.

The alleged cookie crooks collected the cash upfront and promised to deliver the cookies at a later date. But months later, the duo’s “customers” never received their cookies.

Suffolk County police believe the two stole from numerous victims across several cities. Investigators know of at least 11 victims targeted between February and May, although neighbors think the actual number is much higher.

The Girl Scout Council of Suffolk County, upon becoming aware of the news, said they are heartbroken by the string of possible crimes using their name and image. If you or someone you know was scammed, they ask that you notify the council to get any cookies promised by the duo.