ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — Inside MarCia’s Chocolates on Greenwood Road in Altoona, you’ll find a family busy at work.

Marcia Cumming and her husband Vince and three children are constantly creating small batches of chocolates that fly out the door.

She starts selling her chocolates the same day she makes them.

“I make it in the kitchen, bring it out front, I sell it and out it goes. i can cut down on that and i think it makes a huge difference,” said Marcia Cumming, Owner of MarCia’s Chocolates.

They’re now into their fourth season.

“It’s amazing how every season when we re-open, it’s getting bigger and bigger. I love everything about it honestly,” Cumming added.

If you’re shopping for chocolates, her tip is to search for things that are fresh.

And if you’re making chocolates at home, she says don’t give up when you fail.

“Just keep working at it, you’ll figure it out, ask questions if you don’t know, reach out to other people,” Marcia continued.

Marcia spent 25 years as a medical services officer in the Navy, caring for sick communities around the world, and injured service members at home.

She says her military training is a key to her success.

“Taught me order and discipline, taught me to not procrastinate, get stuff done and taught me that you can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it and work hard,” Marcia said.

It’s been a challenging season, but Marcia has been able to continue doing what she loves: serving her community one way or another.

For more on her business, you can visit the MarCia’s Chocolates website.