WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — President Joe Biden visited a public health center in Washington D.C. on Tuesday to encourage families to get kids 5 years and under vaccinated.

This week marks the first time the youngest age group is eligible for shots. Biden said now that kids as young as 6 months can be vaccinated against COVID-19, millions of American families can be better protected.

“Finally some peace of mind,” Biden said. “This is a very historic milestone … nearly every American can now have access to life-saving vaccines.”

After visiting with families in Washington DC, Biden encouraged them to sign kids up for shots. He said his administration has partnered with local children’s hospitals and pharmacies to help get shots in arms as early as this week.

“These vaccines are safe and effective and are approved after extensive scientific review,” Biden said.

White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci spoke with Nexstar about what the new development means for families.

Fauci said parents shouldn’t hesitate to sign up. He said contagious strains of the virus makes it clear the added protection could save a child’s life.

“It’s not a trivial infection in children,” he said. “We already have children within that age group from the beginning about over 400 of them have died.”

Parents will have the option of choosing between the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine. Moderna will take two doses while Pfizer will take three.

Fauci said parents should consult with their pediatrician if they have any questions.