Not only do thunderstorms bring us strong winds. They also bring us damaging hail. 

Matt Kumjian, a Penn State Meteorology Professor says, “Hail storms cause 10 billion dollars of damage per year in insured losses and we don’t hear about it a lot because they happen very frequently and there are a lot of small storms.” 

A record setting hail stone from Vivian, South Dakota in 2010. It was 8 inches when it was measured, but it almost wasn’t measured 

Matt Kumjin on this hail ston,e “A cattle farmer named Les Scott. He was going to make a daiquiri out of it but then decided to call somebody because it was so large.” 

Now we may not get hail that big here in central pa, but we do get hail up to 3 inches big. One storm caused over 10,000 auto damage claims.