Hello Nittany Nation!

We are heading back to Beaver Stadium for the start of a new season on Saturday. September games can be notorious for being on the hot side and this week is going to be a prime example. A sprawling area of high pressure will be dominating the weather across the region. There will be no travel problems to the stadium except for some areas of valley fog.

If you are planning an early tailgate, it will be comfortable but there will be some fog and also a solid dew on the grass. Temperatures will start off close to 60 and then rise to the middle 70s by the noon kickoff. Remember to wear lightweight clothing and don’t forget the sunscreen for the game. These temperatures will make the fans feel really hot in the sun and it will still be a bit warm in the shade.

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The weather should be just a bit warm, for the postgame tailgates and the trip home.

Fight on State!