Matt Gritzer in DuBois captured this amazing photo of light pillars in the sky this morning.

A light pillar is a vertical beam of light that extends above the light source. You have to have the perfect conditions for this to appear in the sky. These typically happen at night or they naturally appear at sunrise or sunset.

In this case, the source of light was some lights on in the town. With the cold air in place, tiny ice crystals are suspended in the air, or are slowly falling. What creates this beam is then the ice crystals reflect the light in the sky from the source to create this pillar. When a light snow is falling, it can help reflect the light even more.

It is rare to see a sight like this, but we do see more light pillars occurring in the sky during the winter months when the air is colder.

A huge thank you to Matt for sharing his photos with us!

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