(WTAJ) — Sunday afternoon and evening, severe storms raced across Central PA. The National Weather Service even issued four Tornado Warnings in our northern counties.

Many residents lost power as trees and power lines fell down due to the high winds. Here is a look at all the storm reports across the area.

The National Weather Service will be surveying damage near Poe Valley State Park in Centre County for a potential tornado. Their findings should come out later this afternoon or evening.


Trees down near the intersection of Broad Road and Pine Creek Road East of Coburn at 7:38 PM.

Trees down on vehicles and six campsites were damaged at Poe Valley State Park. No injuries were reported around 7:32 PM.

Tree down on wires on the 400 Block of Ridge Avenue in State College at 7:02 PM.

Tree down across the road near the intersection of South Nixon Road and Pine Grove Road in Ferguson Township at 6:57 PM.


At 6:52 PM multiple reports of trees down in Lincoln Township near the Lake Raystown Resort.


Trees and wires down near Bald Eagle at 6:38 PM.

Around 6:13 PM there was damage to a building on the 1800 block of Union Avenue in Altoona.

Around 6:27 PM trees and wires down in Tyrone.

Trees and wires were down across Bellwood at 5:32 PM.

Several trees and wires were down across the East end of Altoona at 5:15 PM.

Around 5:14 PM trees were reported down on the 400 block of Pleasant Valley Blvd in Altoona.


At 6:20 PM reports came in of trees down across northern Bedford County.


Numerous reports of trees and wires down across the Jennerstown, Boswell, and Jerome area around 5:45 PM.


Trees were reported on wires in Benezette Township at 5:43 PM.


Trees down around Avis at 7:59 PM.

Trees and wires down between Lock Haven and Avis at 7:38 PM.

Wires down near the intersection of Tamarack Road and Kettle Creek in Leidy Township around 6:24 PM.

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