JACKSON TOWNSHIP, CAMBRIA COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ Plus) — Competitive Power Venture’s (C.P.V.) $1 billion Fairview Energy Center in Jackson Township is officially operational.

The project’s completion was announced on Monday by C.P.V. and its partner Osaka Gas and started back in August of 2017.

C.P.V. says the 1,050-megawatt facility provides power to more than a million homes in Pennsylvania.

Jeff Ahrens, Vice President of Construction and Engineering with C.P.V. says the plant is supplying natural gas and ethane fueled electric, making it more efficient.

“We also have one of the highest efficiencies combined cycles in the region. It’s over 60% efficient compared to some of the older technologies which are more in the 40%.”

The facility has 24 full-time workers but Ahrens says there are a lot more people involved.

“We then employ through sub-contractors an equivalency of 40-60 people which support the facility.”

C.P.V. has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars into the local economy and Jackson Township Board of Supervisors Vice-Chairman, John Wallet, says they’ve already had a huge impact in the area.

“It was big for the local businesses, it was big for the donations that the contractors made to our schools, to our township and also our community…not only the contractors but also CPV as they’ve been very generous.”

Even with the completion of this plant, Ahrens says this might not be the last C.P.V. plant in Cambria County.

“We hope to have in the next two to three years a large solar facility and a wind facility within the area.”