STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (WTAJ) — The COVID-19 pandemic has caused food insecurities for many in Pennsylvania, including Centre County, which is why one high school student is using her baking skills to help fight against hunger.

State College Area High School Junior Madeline Krentzman’s passion for baking started at an early age.

“I’ve really enjoyed baking a lot of traditionally Jewish recipes, my favorite has always been cookies and cakes as well,” said Madeline Krentzman, Creator of “Bake with Love.”

“Bake with Love” Cookbook put together my Madeline Krentzman.

Madeline has turned that passion for baking into a project, called “Bake with Love” in response to the growing food insecurity across the county.

Starting in May of 2020, Madeline began crafting a cookbook, with recipes from family and friends to assist the Centre County YMCA Anti-Hunger Program, which combats food insecurity for families in need.

“Selling these cookbooks is the perfect way to raise money for the Traveling Table, which is part of the Centre County YMCA’s, and so consumers can get a really awesome product that is helping their community,” Madeline added.

The cookbook was just phase one of Madeline’s project, as she plans to continue to further this project to help the community.

“I’m hoping to do some Zoom baking classes or in-person baking classes as the pandemic allows, so I would really like to make recipes from the cookbook and share it face to face with people,” Madeline said.

“Also, I would like to do some food drives as that becomes safe during the pandemic.”

The “Bake with Love” cookbook can be purchased through her website, and can be found at The Makery and the Cheese Shoppe in downtown State College, with all the proceeds going back to the YMCA.