JOHNSTOWN, CAMBRIA COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ Plus) — Console and Associates, a law firm based in New Jersey that also serves clients in the Philadelphia area, mapped out the most dangerous roads by fatalities from 2004 to 2018 in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

“Individuals can drill right down to their neighborhoods at street level, they can see where the deadliest stretches of roads are near their home and if they’re traveling somewhere else within the state they can actually see where to go and what to avoid,” says Christina McClellan, Project Manager for the firm.

The information on the map comes directly from PennDOT.

“We hired a data researcher who is a professional in data visualization and had them put together this map in a really meaningful and digestible way.”

In the area, Clearfield and Centre were the highest counties with 511 and 400 deaths respectively.

Cambria County had 335 deaths with 35 of them coming on 219. Bedford Street and Theatre Drive also saw deaths in the double digits.

McClellan says the map could serve as a resource to help prevent accidents in the future.

“Maybe even take it one step further and alert your community and work together to see what changes can be made to make these neighborhoods and these intersections and particular stretches of road safer.”

Richland Police Sergeant John Herdman says with winter coming, the potential for those accidents could rise.

“Clean your windows off, that little peephole doesn’t do any good, you want full visibility. You want your front, back and side windows cleaned off and when you’re doing that, make sure you’re cleaning your headlights and taillights so that the people have an opportunity to see you also.”

He adds that they are just doing their jobs.

“You know we’re not out there to stop and write you a ticket, we’re out there to make you safe and unfortunately if we have to stop you to advise you of that it is our job and that’s what we’ll do.”

McClellan says the firms also has big plans for the future.

“One of the next projects that we’re going to be working on is distracted driving and specifically texting and driving and we’re doing that nation-wide.”

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You can also find the Pennsylvania map by clicking here.