JOHNSTOWN, CAMBRIA COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ Plus) — After 130 years in the Moxham community, Park Avenue United Methodist Church will be closing its doors.

“It was a very difficult decision to come to but it was the right decision for the congregation in this time,” says Pastor Len Findley.

Findley says the size of the building along with the piling expenses led to the vote on Sunday to close the church in June of next year.

“We were creative through our expenses and creative through our income avenues but you can only do that so long with a church this size and this age.”

The church is home to a congregation of about 40 people, but also a food bank held the first and third Wednesday of each month that feeds more than a hundred families.

“At some point in those six months there will be a decision made of where that ministry is going to continue but that is a goal of mine and a passion of mine that remains a viable part of the Moxham community.”

He says the next half-year will be tough, but it won’t define how they serve.

“We’re going to be mourning of course but we’re going to be celebrating 130 years of ministry and celebrating with our community that we’ve been able to serve for those 130 years.”

With the closing of this church, Findley has advice for other congregations.

“It is about the people, it’s not about the building so just love your people and don’t let the building stand in your way of what needs to be done in ministry.”