“It’s almost like a one-stop-shop for all your needs for the township,” says Steve Beblar, Patrolman for Richland Police.

The Richland Police Department has introduced a new way for folks to stay connected with the township and submit tips to officers through the website Crimewatch.

Their site contains anything from police reports, township ordinances to outside resources like child and animals abuse hotlines.

“They can put their report online, they can add pictures, forms or whatever they need to do and upload it to us. It comes here and gets assigned to an officer who will follow up on it and make contact with the people,” says Richland Police Chief Mike Burgan. “It helps limit our contact with an officer having to go make contact with the person or the person with the officer.”

Folks register through Crimewatch and can access the richland police department’s page through the wesbite or its app.

Officers stress that this is only for non-emergencies

“It’s definitely not a replacement for 9-1-1, if this is an emergency still call 9-1-1,” says Beblar.

Chief Burgan says because of COVID-19, they’ve seen a decrease in crimes, but also had to adjust to other things.

“With a lot of the businesses being closed people are remaining in shelter and staying at home. What we’ve seen is about a 20% decrease in calls, about a 20% decrease in major crimes from this time of last year,” Chief Burgan added. “We’ve had to do a refocus in trying to educate people on the wearing of the mask, social distancing and keeping a part from people.”

More information on how to sign up can be found on their website by clicking here.