BELLEFONTE, Pa. (WTAJ) — Since 2007, the Jeremy Herbstritt Foundation has been around in the Bellefonte community since the death of Bellefonte High Alum in Jeremy Herbstritt in the mass shooting at Virginia Tech.

Jeremy’s family started the foundation in his honor, with the goal of spreading kindness and compassion.

Every year the foundation hosts Herbie’s Home Town Loop, which is a loop around the perimeter of Bellefonte, a route that is special to Jeremy and his sister, Jennifer.

“The four mile race, this is a route that Jeremy, Jen, and a lot of the high school runners have done over the years, it was one of Jeremy’s favorite routes, the perimeter of the town so that’s what the four mile is based after.”

Kim Gasper, Race Director, Herbie’s Hometown Loop

Since the establishment of the foundation in 2007, the foundation had been raising money for something that was needed for Bellefonte High School and the community: A track.

“From about the second or third year on, all the money went into an account that we were hoping to donate to the school, so this past year, we donated that money, to the school district and the track was completed,” his sister Jennifer added.

All together the foundation was able to donate $125,000.

With that goal finally accomplished — any money raised will now go towards their annual scholarship fund and other community projects in the future.

If you would like to participate, check in for races begins Saturday morning at 7 AM, with the first race beginning at 8:30.

To sign up, visit the foundation’s website.