The Halloween season has arrived and WTAJ is wasting no time slashing into the holiday. Five brave souls from the newsroom took on the challenge of being crowned the first-ever WTAJ Pumpkin Carving Champion!

From “traditional flair” to “everything is awesome,” the challengers proved their skills in a close fight for the win. At the end of the day though, it was Maria Cade’s “flower power” pumpkin that came out on top.

Unfortunately for the carver who ended up with the least amount of votes, a pie was heading their way. That unlucky soul just happened to be Andrew Clay. He of all people understands the importance of a fair game, so he took one for the team and got creamed by a pie!

Watch the pieing unfold in the video above and thanks for voting in the WTAJ Pumpkin Carving Challenge!

WINNER! Maria Cade

Maria Cade: “Flower Power”

…. and the losers.

If you didn’t get a chance to vote, you can still watch all the fun that went down on Carving Day in the videos below!

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