BLAIR COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ) – Congressman John Joyce (R-PA) stopped in Altoona to have a live interview with WTAJ’s Maggie Smolka.

He sat down to have a conversation about the House Republicans’ “Commitment to America”. According to the Republicans website, “Commitment to America” is made up of four key commitments.

  • An Economy That’s Strong
  • A Nation That’s Safe
  • A Future That’s Built on Freedom
  • A Government That’s Accountable

When speaking with WTAJ he talked about those four commitments were presented this morning in Pennsylvania and they’re going to make the state stronger.

“Utilizing the natural gas, the oil, the Marcellus shell, the coal that employees so many individuals. We should no longer be reliant on foreign countries. We should return to that energy independence that made us so strong,” Joyce said.

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According to Joyce and other Republicans, the “Commitment to America” represents a new direction and better approach that they hope will get the nation back on track.

“Our Commitment to American has been based on listening to the constituents. Listening to the American people. Letting them tell us what is important as we move to take control of the House of Representatives. Letting them tell us that we need a nations that safe, that we need a border is patrolled and safe and stops the illegal drugs from pouring into our county,” Joyce said.