JEFFERSON COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Jefferson County Commissioner Scott North has announced he is running for re-election.

Over the last couple of months, North has been working with the community to solve issues with emergency services and the tolling of Interstate 80.

Below is North’s statement.

“An illustration of this was the battle over I-80 tolling. The toll was nothing less than an indirect tax that would have had a drastically negative impact on the county and region.  As Commissioner, I advocated publicly and forcefully against the tolling, ensuring that PennDOT understood our level of opposition. All three of your county commissioners actively contested the tolling along with our area legislators and other community leaders. The defeat of the tolling of I-80 is an example of what we can accomplish. Another example is the challenge involving emergency services. First Responders are sounding the alarm and we hear them. Only a comprehensive approach will provide lasting and effective results. Jefferson County has a first-class team of emergency service people at every level. We are coordinating our efforts with all facets of public safety and health services to meet the needs of the people of Jefferson County. Fire, ambulance, police, hospitals, educational institutions, 911 Dispatch, County EMS, boroughs, townships, legislators, and many others all have a role in making this effort a success.”

North served in the Army for 29 years and had two combat zone deployments. Veterans are one of the groups that he has his eye on.

“Jefferson County’s 2,957 veterans have my attention,” North said. “In 2022, we initiated monthly outreach to the northern and southern ends of the county. Our military affairs director holds regular office hours in Brockway and Punxsutawney, bringing services closer to you. The Federal Department of Veterans Affairs brings $24,000,000 annually to Jefferson County through VA benefits, compensation, GI Bill, and other services for our veterans and widows. Our efforts will see these benefits increase.”

North is also looking to build Jefferson County to prepare for the future with good-paying employment opportunities for a quality workforce.

“This only happens if road, rail, and air infrastructure are improved and maintained as we work with our borough/township leaders who know and understand the issues. Economic growth follows good transportation networks,” North said.

North added that he is just like other Jefferson County residents. He lives there, pays taxes and has had family there for decades.

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“I am a resident and taxpayer of this county. We have deep roots in Jefferson County,” North started. “My wife Jodi and I live near Punxsutawney on part of a farm that has been in the family since the early 1800s. I am also a former auditor for Young Township. I would appreciate your support in the May primary on the Republican ticket. It would be my honor to continue to serve you as Jefferson County Commissioner.”