ALTOONA, Pa (WTAJ) — Scott Barger and Manny Nichols announced Friday they are running for Blair County Commissioner.

Barger and Nichols, of Hollidaysburg, announced the launch of their campaigns in front of a slew of guests, including former state representative John McGinnis.

Barger said if elected, a big focus of his is taking accountability as he thinks this is something local politicians need to work on.

“They don’t expect people to get it right every time,” Barger started. “But when they do get it wrong, I think that people expect them to own up to it and deal with it and do better next time. I’m that kind of person. I would vote for that kind of person and I try to be that candidate myself.”

During the event, Nichols spoke about lower taxes for certain groups in the county, with an eye on those older than 65.

“Things to tackle is going to be the 65 and older,” Nichols said. “I think it’s time they are finally exempt from property tax. I’m going to fight like nobody’s ever seen before to make that a reality.”

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He also wants to see the commissioner’s meetings move to nights instead of mornings so that more of the public can attend.